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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dollar To Rand Convertor and Rate

This is a real time dollar to rand convertor. Please enter your dollars to receive their amount in rands

This is the dollar to rand rate on the FOREX market. The dollar to rand convertor doesn't show the exact exchange rate at which you could exchange your currency, because some commissions and taxes may exist.

South African Rand

South African Rand's currency symbol is "R" and its international code is "ZAR". This is the official currency in South Africa - legal tender for all debts there. One African rand could be devided into 100 cents. It is the currency of the Common Monetary Area between South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. It is also used for payments in Namibia, even it's not the official currency there.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

South African Rand Popular Exchange Rates

Here are some of the most popular currency exchange rates for the sout african rand. You can see them with the help of Yahoo Finance, so they are reliable to high extent, but always check twice, you know... The exchange rates are shown in real time, so if you refresh the page, the will most probably change. This way you can have the latest rand rates information available here. They start with the US dollar to African rand rate and end with rand to Chinese Yuan.

Popular South African Rand Exchange Rates

If you can't see African rand's exchange rates, please give the site some time to calculate them. I they are not shown in 20 seconds, please use the exchange rates calculator from above, there might be some problem...

Dollar To Rand Exchange Rate Chart

Here you can see a chart showing the price movements of The South African rand against the US dollar for the last twenty years - USD/ZAR cross. As you see tehre are two major swings of the exchange rate and after them the price movement had returned to a clear and consistent uptrend. The chart reflects some major economic cycles, for example the drop after the second big rise (after year 2008 on the chart) is cause by the great financial crysis, which hit the world in 2008. Since the beginning of the crisis, the US dollar had depreciated around 50% against the rand and now is creeping back up.

This is a mothly dollar to rand chart, which means that every bar reflects the price movement for one month. The blue line is 100 periods (months) simple moving average.

Dollar To Rand Currency Chart

This picture is made with the help of Metatrader